Corruption Offences

Have you been charged with corruption offences?
We can help you.

We are criminal lawyers who can help you if you have been charged with corruption offences.

Corruption charges are often very long and complex Federal prosecutions. We have acted in the long running cases involving the Australian Reserve Bank. We have also acted for two Federal politicians who have faced allegations of corruption. Our work in this area has included getting statements from Chinese Government officials to prove that our client was not guilty of offences.

Often these corruption offences also occur at State and Council level. We have been lawyers in those situations as well.

Some key issues that you find in corruption cases are;

  • How do they prove what my intent was?
  • How do we show they are misunderstanding the issues?
  • What happens if nothing corrupt occurred?

It is always wise to talk to a lawyer as soon as you realise that corruption allegations have arisen. Sometimes these matters can be stopped before they end up in court.