Expert Jury Trial Lawyers in Melbourne

Experienced jury trial lawyers

You need a team of jury trial lawyers such as that from Doogue + George who have represented accused people in hundreds of trials by jury. You can rely on that experience, built over decades, to help you in your case.

In our legal system, decisions of fact – findings of guilty or not guilty – in serious criminal matters are made by juries. Juries of 12 are formed from members of the community selected from the electoral role.

The prosecution and the Police bring the charges against you. The Prosecutors present the case against an accused person. Their goal is to secure a conviction of the charges alleged.

Jury trial Lawyers for the accused present the defence case. It goes without saying that not every allegation is true or accurate. Accused people are entitled to and deserve the best possible defence. Justice demands that their rights are defended and that their cases are fought with passion and skill.

The jury trial lawyers at Doogue + George can provide that passion and skill.

Our legal system

Our legal system functions under certain rules. One of those rules is that our system is an accusatory system: those that accuse must prove. The accusatory system means that we never have that simplistic situation where someone must prove their innocence.

Historically and by design, we as a society have chosen that if our legal system is going to go wrong it is better that no innocent person be convicted. Our system is designed to protect the innocent man. The benefit of the doubt must go to the accused.

One aspect of this is the presumption of innocence. An accused is presumed innocent until guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt by the prosecution. The presumption of innocence is a principle of which we as a society can be proud. Our society and its freedoms are built on the back of the legal system that has that principle as its foundation.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt “BRD”

BRD is the standard of proof that the prosecution must meet in criminal cases. It is the highest standard known to the law and it makes sense that this standard is applied in criminal trials. It is a serious business to decide the guilt or innocence of a man. This standard ensures that innocents are not found guilty.

BRD can be distinguished from the other legal standard, the balance of probabilities. This is the standard in civil cases. In those cases 51%, more likely than not is enough.

In a criminal trial, much more is required. Possibly guilty, probably guilty is not enough. Proof beyond reasonable doubt is required. If a jury thinks that there is even a possibility that someone is innocent then they must acquit.

The position of the accused

Despite these fundamental protections, someone accused of committing a crime is in a very difficult position. Make no mistake, police are determined to secure a conviction and imprisonment in almost all of these cases.

What needs to be done?

There are many parts of a criminal jury trial and many essential roles that the team involved must play. Your team needs to be able to provide the following:

  • The advocate – the jury trial lawyer who appears and speaks on your behalf. The person who addresses the judge and jury, cross examines witnesses and leads evidence. This is the team member who communicates the defence case to the jury.
  • The instructing solicitor – the lawyer who takes instructions from the client, supports them, explains what is going on, investigates, identified issues, first develops the case theory
  • The support staff admin, accounts, investigators, counsellors, experts

Doogue + George – your expert jury trial lawyers in Melbourne

You need expert jury trial lawyers on your side. Too much is at stake.
Criminal cases can be successfully defended but they are complex, intricate and stressful matters. You need the best possible legal team on your side. In so many ways, your life is at stake. Contact us today by calling our lawyers in Melbourne CBD or in any of our offices nearest to you.