Fraud, Theft & Dishonesty Case Studies

If you have been charged with a fraud or theft charge and you are after information about real cases and results, then you have come to the right place.

Doogue + George has defended a number of fraud offences and theft and dishonesty cases.

Read some of the case studies listed below to learn about some of our successful results.

Deferral of Sentence for Breach CCO and Theft

This is a case study on a deferral of sentence for Breach CCO and Theft charges. Our client had breached her Community Corrections Order (CCO) for a second time due to non-compliance. There had also been further offending in the same period and these matters were being heard together. She ...
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Theft, Handle Stolen Goods, Use Unregistered Plates

Our client was alleged to have stolen a set of number plates from a parked vehicle and fitted them to her own unregistered vehicle. This was in order for her to try and avoid being charged with Driving an Unregistered Vehicle. As a result, she was charged with Theft, Handle ...
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Adjourned Undertaking for Obtaining Property By Deception

This is a case study on a sentence of adjourned undertaking for Obtaining Property By Deception and Possess Drug of Dependence. Our client was initially charged with a range of dishonesty and deception offences totalling close to $26,000.00 in overall value. The allegations were that the client and his co-accused ...
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Diversion Application for Aggravated Burglary

This is a case study on a diversion application for Aggravated Burglary as well as Theft charges. Our client was a 16-year old young man with no prior record. He was charged with two separate offences of Aggravated Burglary on commercial premises. He attended the police for interview and made ...
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CCO for Theft Involving Breach of Trust

This is a case study on a sentence of CCO for Theft involving breach of trust. Our client handled monies as part of his official role in a local community sporting club. The funds he received during the period of the offending were meant to be banked on behalf of ...
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Diversion for Theft With a Similar Prior

This is a case study on a sentence of diversion for Theft with a similar prior. Our client was charged with a relatively minor shop theft ($200) from a store in the Melbourne CBD. She came before the court in her 50's. Having a criminal record for this matter (which ...
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We have represented a number of clients charged with fraud and theft offences.

To view more of our case studies on fraud, theft, and dishonesty offences, click here.