Melbourne Criminal Law Experts

Do you need Melbourne Criminal Law Experts. If so contact our office straight away. Here are the reasons that you should call us:

  • A firm of 27 criminal lawyers.
  • Nine (9) are accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as criminal law experts
  • over 15,000 cases defended from drink driving to murder.
  • founding members of Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance
  • offices in Melbourne, Broadmeadows, Heidelberg, Moorabbin, and Sunshine
  • appeared in many of the biggest trials in Victoria.
  • involved in Bribery of Foreign Officials case that is currently in Court.

As Melbourne Criminal Law experts we consider some things to be incredibly important in maintaining expertise. We all do professional training regularly. We train because it is the best way to ensure the best results for our clients in Court. We have a monthly speaker come and talk to our lawyers about important issues relating to being criminal law experts

Refer your case to criminal law experts whose reputation in criminal defence is unmatched.

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