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Do you need an expert Crime Lawyer for your case. Victorian Cases & Australian Commonwealth Offences.

Nine (9) of our current 27 crime lawyers are accredited criminal law specialists by the Law Institute of Victoria. They are Bill Doogue, Andrew George, Kristina Kothrakis, Sophie Parsons, Dee Giannopoulos, Una Ebsworth, Isabelle Skaburskis, and Ophelia Hollway. Accredited lawyers are recognised as the best in their field.

We have defended over 15,000 separate criminal prosecutions, among which include federal politicians, CEOs of prominent companies, police officers, small business owners, and other private individuals. Our crime lawyers have been involved in a number of large cases in Victoria including the largest Commonwealth prosecution to date. We defend in all Victorian Courts and also occasionally appear interstate for some clients.

Criminal defence is our top priority. Our clients receive the best representation in Court. Our specialisation in criminal law has made us become one of the founding members of Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance, a national alliance of criminal law firms whose members are selected based on experience, reputation, ethics, and size. ADLA’s combined knowledge, experience and resources ensure that our clients are represented with professionalism, integrity and most of all, the skills to get them the best possible outcome.

We have 5 offices: Melbourne, Broadmeadows, Heidelberg, Moorabbin, and Sunshine. Contact our crime lawyers today.