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Sentencing in a Committal Process

More often than not the Judge in the County or Supreme Court will not sentence on the same day that the plea was heard. The Judges tend to want to think about the appropriate penalty and reflect on what has been told to them and the materials that they have been provided with before sentencing people.

Sometimes they will choose a date at the time and tell you when you are being sentenced. Or they will just remand you in custody to a date to be fixed. At some later point their Associate will ring us and confirm a date that suits the Judge to pass sentence.

Often Judges will remand people in custody after the plea until the sentencing hearing. Whether a person is remanded in custody pending sentencing depends on the circumstances of the offending and also the personal circumstances of the accused.

Generally there are not further submissions at a sentencing hearing. Regularly there will be an issue that arises that the Judge will want to discuss. They may have got a report and want some explanation of your instructions.