Brief Counsel for a Case Conference if Applicable

If you need to brief counsel for a case conference this is the point at which you do it.

A Prosecution case conference summary is served on the accused. The accused then responds to that document. It is generally not as detailed a response as it would be to a Crown Opening. The case conference is to see whether there is room for negotiating a settlement of your case. The Court want a case conference response to explain the narrative of the defence.

We brief Counsel for a case conference if they are likely to be running the jury trial.

The old style of pleadings where you go through and say that you admit or deny each paragraph have been largely superseded. But as with most documents in Court, it depends to a large degree on the Judge that you are before.

The case conference is heard in front of a Judge who generally does not know anything more about the matter than is contained in the prosecution case conference summary.

Case conferences are generally listed at 9am or 9.30am. The Court lists a number of them at the same time and generally they are all finished within an hour.