Plea of Guilty – Plea Hearing

At this point you have been found guilty of some charges, or have pleaded guilty to some charges.

This is where your lawyer talks to the Judge about you, on your behalf. The aim is to place your offending into context and explain how it came about.

Obviously the more positive things that can be put on your behalf, the better result you will get.

It is important to get all the necessary documents and materials together to present to the Judge such as character references, character witnesses and expert reports (Doctors, psychologists etc.)

Well before this date we will have worked out how you are putting your case to the Judge. You need to know what is being said on your behalf so that you can think about if there are other issues that should be raised with the Judge.

This will also be when we may also call people who know you well to give evidence. They can talk about your positive characteristics.

It is important that you understand what is being said on your behalf, and why it is being said.