Getting a copy of the depositions

In a criminal case, the depositions are a copy of all the documents that were tendered in evidence (given) to the Magistrate at the committal proceedings. The depositions (also known as “deps”) also will include a transcript of any evidence by people questioned at the committal hearing.

The depositions are prepared by the prosecuting agency and then given to CTLD (Criminal Trial Listings Directorate) who then give them to your lawyers. They often take quite a long time after the committal proceedings to be prepared.

Unfortunately the numbering on the Hand up Brief and the depositions will be different and we need the Barrister to have a copy of the depositions so that they can refer to the right pagination (page numbering).

This will mean that the depositions will have to be printed in full. In some case such as murders the Supreme Court will send a copy of the printed depositions to the accused in gaol.

The depositions generally come on a CD.