Complete Supreme Court Bail Application

It is necessary to fill out a Supreme Court Bail Application form when applying for bail in the Supreme Court. As will be explained in the following pages, a Supreme Court Bail application needs to have affidavits in support filed.

The Supreme Court deal with bail applications either on appeal from a refusal of bail by another Court or in more serious criminal matters (such as murder) that can only be heard in the Supreme Court. Achieving bail in the Supreme Court is a much harder prospect than a County Court or Magistrates’ Court bail application.

It is best to only go to the Supreme Court for a bail application if you have exhausted the possibility of getting bail in the Magistrates’ Court. It is also an expensive process and one that should not be undertaken unless there are good grounds for bail. If you are considering a Supreme Court bail application, you should get advice from Criminal Law Specialists before you lodge the bail application.

The Supreme Court Registry are very particular about their documents so great care needs to be taken to ensure the document complies with the relevant rules.