Briefing Counsel for your Matter

We now need to prepare to brief counsel (also known as a Barrister) for the upcoming stages of your matter:

  • Directions hearings
  • Trial

The choice of Counsel in these matters is crucial. Cases in the Higher Courts generally carry lengthy gaol terms. You need to get Counsel in place who knows the law and will fight hard on your behalf.

We use a number of preferred barristers. These are people who do a lot of these cases for us. We know that we can trust them and that they will work hard for you. It is important when briefing Counsel that they are able to get on with our clients and get good results for you.

It is very important to have the same Counsel, if possible, throughout the entire process. The barrister should be the one who did the committal as they have a good idea of what the witnesses will be like. The longer they are involved in your case, the better.