Brief counsel for the directions hearing if applicable

At this point it will be necessary to brief Counsel for the directions hearing and trial.

The choice to brief counsel for the directions hearing is crucial. Offences heard in the Higher Courts often carry lengthy gaol terms. You need to get Counsel/Barrister in place who knows the law and will fight hard on your behalf. If one of the barristers from our firm is not appearing for you then we will make sure that we get the best barrister possible for your matter.

As this case is very important to you it is important you feel comfortable with them. You need to know they are working hard on your behalf. Before you brief counsel for the directions hearing, ask yourself whether they are the right person for your cases. There are lots of Barristers and it is generally easy enough to change.

We use a number of barristers who run a high volume of these cases for us. We use Counsel who we know get good results for our clients.

It is very important to have continuity through this process. The barrister should be the one who did the committal as they have a good idea of what the witnesses will be like.

At this point the sooner the person ultimately handling your matter is on board the better the decisions will be made about how your case should proceed.