Melbourne Appeal Lawyers

Doogue + George have run some of the largest appeal cases before the Victorian Court of Appeal running including appeals against murder convictions and many appeals against sex trial convictions. We brief the top appellate Barristers in Victoria to handle our Court of Appeal matters.

To determine if a firm has handled many appeals, you should go to the AustLII site that publishes appeals and search Victorian Court of Appeal cases for our name. Enter “Doogue” into the search terms to see some cases we have been involved in.

Do the same with the other lawyers that you are looking at. If a firm has not appeared much in the Higher Courts, they may still be good appellate lawyers. You just need to ask them questions about their appeal practise before you engage them.

Are you wanting to appeal a decision by the court?

Appealing against a sentence or a conviction is a complicated process. The aim of these Appeal Court pages is to make you more aware of what the process is and the time-lines are. It is important that you, as the client, understand how an Appeal works and what you should expect from Appeal Lawyers.

We handle the following types of appeals:

We are extremely experienced Appeals Lawyers with experience in every level of Appeal Courts. Our criminal lawyers in Melbourne can help you get the best results for Court appeals. We will give you an honest and fair appraisal of your chances on appeal. If we do not believe that you have any grounds of appeal worth pursuing we will tell you.

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