Corporate Crime or White Collar Offences

Have you been charged with white collar offences?

As one of Melbourne’s leading criminal law firms, we have run some of the largest criminal trials in Victoria and have had experience and exposure to many corporate crime matters. Many firms seek advice from their own corporate lawyers, however, when matters are possibly headed to Courts, it is imperative to seek advice from criminal experts. We specialise in pre-investigation work and have performed this work with a number of Senior Q.C’s.

The key to successfully dealing with a criminal law matter is preparation and having a good strategy from the beginning.

We will work out what your goals are and how we can go about achieving them. Bill Doogue leads our corporate crime team.  Call (03) 9670 5111 and speak to him today. He will meet with you and discuss with you if the services we provide can be of assistance to you.

The table below shows provides links to some informative pages of information on White Collar crime matters. This information may help you prepare for your case. Contact our lawyers in Melbourne to help you with your matter.

Clink on the links below to read further legal information regarding specific corporate crime charges:

Can’t find the offence you’re looking for? Check out our alphabetised list of all the criminal offences on our site.