Corporate Crime Case Studies

If you are looking for corporate crime case studies and need advice about the law and real results of real cases, you are in the right place.

We have a number of case studies for white collar offences and our lawyers have a wealth of experience in areas of corporate crime. Contact our Melbourne office on (03) 9670 5111 now to discuss your matter.

We give a lot of advice to individuals and companies that either are being investigated or want to look at the issues themselves. Often that pre-interview or pre-charging work is the most important that an organisation can undertake to make their position safer.

These case studies have been anonymised. We have changed ages and places of offence so as to make sure that people can not identify a client of ours from these case studies.

The case studies are provided to give you an idea of the scope of work that we cover and also to have some idea of penalties in cases.

The corporate crime case studies are an indication of where our lawyers have achieved exceptional results for a particular matter. If you are charged with a similar offence, your own result may vary depending on the circumstances of the offence.

Read some recent corporate crime case studies

Breach of Suspended Sentence, Appeal to the County Court

Breach of Suspended Sentence, Appeal to the County Court

Shaun Pascoe, who is an accredited criminal law specialist and runs our Doogue + George – Heidelberg office, was briefed to appear in an appeal in the Melbourne County Court. The appeal concerned a Magistrate’s decision to restore a suspended sentence. The law provides that exceptional circumstances must be established ...
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Obtain Financial Advantage by Deception - Wholly Suspended Sentence

Obtain Financial Advantage by Deception – Wholly Suspended Sentence

Our client was charged with obtaining financial advantage by deception and obtaining property by deception arising from his employment (as a shift Manager) working at a TAB agency. He placed personal bets at his workplace (purporting to be a client’s) on credit without making payments on those bets over a ...
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Obtaining Financial Advantage By Deception – Breach of Trust

Our client was an employee of a company. His role started off as a receptionist, then expanded over time to bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, and computer maintenance. He did not have any formal qualifications to undertake this role. Over a 5-year period, he stole just over $2.1 million dollars. This was ...
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Theft, Obtain Financial Advantage By Deception – CCO

Our client was charged with unauthorised use of company cab charge vouchers, chauffeur charges, and personal catering costs. Her employer detected the fraudulent activity after she had performed around 38 unauthorised transactions over a period of approximately 12 months with a total value of under $4,000. She faced charges of ...
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Lodging False BAS Statements, Plea in the County Court

The client was charged with two charges of lodging false BAS (Business Activity Statement), and one charge of attempting to lodge a false BAS. In total, the amount that was falsely claimed was $123,537. The client was heavily in debt due to business ventures that had gone sour. He had ...
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Fail to Furnish an Approved Form - Adjourned Undertaking

Fail to Furnish an Approved Form – Adjourned Undertaking

Our client was charged with several offences over a period of several years relating to failing to lodge approved taxation documents under the Tax Administration Act 1953 (Cth). He was a director of two companies and a conviction may have resulted in his termination from these directorships. Our client had ...
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