ASIC Prosecutions

  • Do you need help with ASIC Prosecutions?ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, is the national corporate, markets and financial services regulator. They are the organisation responsible for overseeing corporate activity and policies.ASIC is an independent Government organisation and is heavily-funded with broad-ranging enforcement authority. An ASIC investigation into an individual or company, with their access to a extraordinary investigative powers, enables them to thoroughly investigate any person, entity or matter in the corporate environment.ASIC Prosecutions and investigations are typically slow, methodical and thorough. ASIC will pursue an enquiry, employing all available resources and personnel. There can be several people on any given case and their resource pool is rich, robust and global. They can call upon assistance from other national and international agencies including US-SEC and Interpol. They have power to compel production of documents from anyone and to interrogate anyone.

    The following sections contain information about what to do if you’re investigated by ASIC, your obligations, what happens in an ASIC interview, and what happens after the interview.