ASIC Offences

Have you been charged with ASIC offences?
We can help you.

If you have been charged with ASIC offences (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), we are criminal lawyers who can help you.

To defend a case against ASIC requires a thorough understanding of their processes. ASIC have complex investigatory and coercive powers.

  • Has there been a compulsory (section 19) interview?
  • Did you claim your privilege in that interview?
  • Are ASIC misunderstanding the facts of the case?
  • Can I stop them prosecuting the charges?

Please call Doogue + George to discuss your matter with experienced criminal lawyers who deal with ASIC offences and prosecutions. You should have a clear strategy as to how you are defending ASIC charges.

Please read on for information about ASIC charges and further information about ASIC offences, investigations and interviews.