Corporate Crime

Have You Been Charged With A Corporate Offence?

Corporate crime or White Collar cases are dealt within the criminal Courts and according to the practises and procedures of criminal law.

Do not entrust a white collar case to someone who does not have a proven experience in the area. What will work with a jury and/or Judge and the strategies that you should implement are matters learnt from experience.

We are willing to work with firms that do not specialise in criminal law to work out and pursue a strategy for you.

Often there are specialists involved in your white collar case either legal or financial who are already providing invaluable support to you.

We do not want to replace them. Our aim is to add to what they are doing.

We have handled a number of cases that initially have been handled by large commercial law firm. Issuing lots of subpoenas and then giving all the documents to a barrister is not what you need. You need lawyers who understand how criminal law works in practice and have the capacity to formulate a strategy.

We understand what our job is and if you want to have a discussion with us we are happy to explain the point of difference between us and other lawyers.

We have the advantage that we enjoy and understand criminal law. Our objective is not to obtain your commercial work, but rather to deal with your white collar crime matter and then leave. This clarity of purpose helps us both.

Our firm has acted for large listed companies down to small businesses and their employees. We are one of Melbourne’s leading criminal firms and have run some of the largest criminal trials in Victoria.

We are currently involved in a number of cases involving allegations of Bribery of Foreign Officials and money laundering. We have appeared at many Royal Commissions.

The key to successfully dealing with a criminal law matter is preparation and having a good strategy from the beginning.

Corporate Crime Charges

Read on to learn more about specific corporate crime areas and offences:

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