Victim of Stealthing Who Gave No Affirmative Consent

Stealthing and Affirmative Consent

Stealthing and Affirmative Consent Amendments will be introduced in Victoria in 2022 that make ‘stealthing’ explicitly a crime and introduce ‘affirmative consent’. These amendments were recommended by the Victorian Law Reform Commission. The VLRC’s report, ‘the Justice System Response to...

Victoria Police

Defund the Police

Defund the Police In 2017-18, in a knee-jerk reaction to an exceptional event, the Victorian Government overhauled the Bail Act. It was acknowledged at the time that the bail laws were already the most restrictive in Victoria, and the purpose...

Spent Conviction

Spent Convictions – Finally Here

Spent Convictions – Finally Here The Victorian parliament recently passed the Spent Convictions Bill 2021 (Vic) (‘the Spent Convictions Bill’). The Spent Convictions Bill gives people who have been found guilty of criminal offences an opportunity to avoid that finding...

Victoria Parliament legislation

The Rights of People Accused of a Crime are Especially Important in a Time of Crisis

Several temporary legislative measures responding to the coronavirus pandemic will be included in the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 (Vic) which will be introduced into Parliament on Thursday 23rd April 2020. Sam Cooper delves into what these changes mean to the rights of people in the criminal justice system.

Victorian Parliament

Victory has many fathers, defeat has none

It is great to see the progress and that a committee has
been formed to consider legislation on spent convictions.
It is long overdue and something Doogue + George applaud and have been advocating about for many years.

Social Media Icons

Criminalising social media – A double standard

Criminalising social media – A double standard The Federal government is planning to introduce legislation which will see executives of social media companies prosecuted for not removing terrorist content in a ‘reasonable amount of time’. This is in response to...