Victorian Legal Aid

County Court

VLA consultation on criminal trials and proposed changes

Written by Bill Doogue. Partner, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers.   The Victoria Legal Aid “VLA” consultation on criminal trials is an interesting document. It is hard to fault most of what it puts forward. From my perspective, the consultation can...

Man in Detention

Legal Aid without funding

Written by Bill Doogue. Partner, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers Firstly, I am loath to persist with this topic, however today we have encountered, once again, a particularly annoying example of where the lack of Legal Aid funding has caused such...

Piggy Bank With Money

VLA funding and the two-tier trial system

Recent changes to Victoria Legal Aid funding mean that fees will only be paid for two half days of instructing for solicitors in a trial. That means that the instructor will be there to help pick a jury but probably...