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Resolving Conflict in the Age of Lawyer X

Resolving Conflict in the Age of Lawyer X

Written by Annamiek Van Loon, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers I don’t enjoy watching law related shows – they make our business seem easy, artificial and/or sexy. Lawyer 3838, which aired recently on Channel Nine, is no exception. But I found myself...

Can sniffer dogs smell LSD? Your Victorian drug detection dog questions, answered

Written by Jack Parsons, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers It is increasingly common to see drug detection dogs (also known as ‘sniffer dogs’ or ‘passive alert detection dogs’) operating across Victoria, especially at music festivals. If you plan to...

The interview

By Bill Doogue. Partner, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers The interview is often the most crucial component of a criminal prosecution. The approach is consistent and typically, the match-up is disparate. In one corner you have a professional questioner pitted...