Expert Evidence

Expert Evidence

Expert Evidence The Honourable Peter Davis, QC, Justice of the Supreme Court in Queensland and Joshua Jones, a barrister at the Queensland Bar, gave an engaging seminar on expert evidence at the Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance (ADLA) recently. Expert evidence...


Shaken Baby Syndrome – Prosecutions on the rise.

Controversy over Shaken Baby Syndrome and its diagnosis has continued to rage in courtrooms throughout the world over the past couple of decades.
Luke McMahon looks into evidence, defences and convictions in Victoria.

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No comment interviews

Written by Bill Doogue. Partner, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. We were speaking among ourselves in the office recently about the types of police interviews that clients end up giving and how there seems to be some misunderstanding about what the options in...

Illustration of a Functioning Human Brain

Why do people confess to things they did not do? The interesting case of the police officer who could not stop confessing

When it comes to confessions, from a legal point of view, the key issue is their truthfulness and the related issue of people’s ability to recall their memories. According to the recent studies people regularly tend to confess to things...

Paul Higham

ADLA Conference 2015 speaker – Paul Higham, Victorian Bar – Commissions, enquiries and derivative use

Written by Amelia Ramsay, Solicitor, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. His areas of expertise include criminal defence, corporate corruption and compliance, inquests and enquiries, professional tribunals and human rights.  He has practiced exclusively in the field of criminal defence work and...

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ADLA Conference 2015 speaker – Dr. Bradley Shatz Digital Forensics Expert – Digital data and criminal investigations

Written by Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. Recent events, such as Edward Snowden’s divulging of the surveillance apparatuses being run by various governments, have increased our awareness of the great amount of data being captured and retained by our electronic devices...


Dementia and fitness to stand trial

Written by Doogue + George Defence Lawyers. When dealing with cases involving fitness to stand trial, the matter usually relates to serious psychiatric illnesses and the accused’s inability to understand the process of a trial and to participate in any...