Criminal Investigation

Police Station

Police Interviews

Police Interviews   Regardless of how it happens, you have a right to ask to speak to a lawyer before a police interview proceeds. Interview Dos and Don’ts There are a number of ways in which the police will get...

Table and Chair

The interview

By Bill Doogue. Partner, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers The interview is often the most crucial component of a criminal prosecution. The approach is consistent and typically, the match-up is disparate. In one corner you have a professional questioner pitted...

Victorian Parliament

Organised crime, coercive powers and the purpose of Office Of Chief Examiner Investigations

Investigations conducted by the Office of Chief Examiner (‘OCE’) are intended to obtain evidence for use in prosecutions for organised crime offences through the use of coercive powers. The statutory role of the Chief Examiner was instituted in reaction to...