Diversion Recommendation for Recklessly Cause Injury

Diversion Recommendation for Recklessly Cause InjuryThis is an assault case involving a diversion recommendation for Recklessly Cause Injury and Discharge Missile to Cause Injury.

Our client was involved in an altercation in a night club. After words were exchanged, he threw a plastic cup at another person in the bar and the victim suffered a cut to the head as a result. Some days following the incident, the client was approached by the victim who attempted to extort money from him for the injury he suffered. The client reported the matter to the police and also made admissions to throwing the plastic cup.

The police originally did not recommend the client for diversion because he initially denied the incident in the night club. It was only after being shown photographs from CCTV that he agreed he was responsible.

Amelia Ramsay represented the client at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on the following charges:

We negotiated with both the informant and prosecutors at court to have the client recommended for diversion. They were initially reluctant but after being provided with a copy of the statement made by the client in relation to the attempted extortion by the victim, they agreed to make the recommendation.

The matter proceeded by way of diversion hearing. We assisted the client in preparing the written application for diversion and submitted it to the court along with a character reference from the client’s employer. The magistrate was persuaded and ultimately agreed that the matter was appropriate for diversion.

This was a good result: a successful diversion recommendation for Recklessly Cause Injury and Discharge Missile to Cause Injury. Considering the initial stand of the police on the matter, the client could have been sentenced to a harsher penalty.


Amelia RamsayAmelia Ramsay

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