Community Corrections Order for Recklessly Cause Injury

Community Corrections OrderThis is a case involving Community Corrections Order for Recklessly Cause Injury.

Our client was charged with approximately 36 offences, ranging from burglaries and thefts to drug use. There were some particularly serious charges that involved ramming a police car. He has a criminal record and had previously received corrections orders. He also had a serious drug habit.

Hester Kelly represented him at the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court on the charge of Recklessly Cause Injury.

Prior to the plea hearing, the client had demonstrated a remarkable job rehabilitating after being released on bail. He managed to remain drug free, get a job, engage in counselling, and complete the court mandated bail program.

Hester made submissions as to the client’s excellent performance on the court program and his rehabilitation from drugs, as well as to his positive and impressive work ethic. This ultimately encouraged the magistrate to give the client another opportunity on a Community Correction Order.

The matter proceeded as a consolidated plea of guilty and a number of charges were marked withdrawn and struck out by the prosecution. Given the excellent job that the client has done in changing his life in a positive way, the magistrate decided against further jail and instead allowed the client to continue rehabilitation in the community.

The client was sentenced to a 4-month jail term (declared as already served) plus a Community Corrections Order. This was an excellent result for a case of Recklessly Cause Injury involving an accused with extensive criminal priors, especially as the client was at the very real risk of receiving a further jail term.


Hester KellyHester Kelly

Hester is based at our Melbourne office and was admitted to practice in 2014. She previously worked as an Associate to Judge Howard in the County Court of Victoria and was also a solicitor advocate at another Melbourne criminal law firm before becoming a member of Doogue + George.

Hester graduated with First Class Honours in Law in 2012 from Monash University, with a degree in Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws. She completed two internships at the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law and has volunteered with the HIV/Aids Legal Centre in Melbourne.

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