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Below are criminal law articles written by our lawyers, staff, and guest experts of Doogue + George.

Steroids – Can I Get on the Roids/Gear/Juice in Victoria? Steroid use is a topic that generates a lot of Read more
The Bugmy Bar Book Project and Sentencing Principles In sentencing hearings, criminal defence lawyers routinely represent vulnerable people who have Read more
The article What is a Defence Lawyer? is written by Sophie Parsons and Brittany Llewellyn of Doogue + George Defence Read more
Lawyer Demonstrating Legal Ethics as Guide for Lawyers
Legal Ethics and the VLSBC: Guide for Lawyers Adapted from a talk presented by Rob Franklin, Managing Director at Potts Read more
Driving While Texting Which is Against New Road Rules
Pull Over Before You Read This Article – New Road Rules Introduced 31 March 2023 The law (both legislation made Read more
Youth Offender
Youth Offenders – Considering Children in Crime Youth crime has been a media talking point going back decades in Australia. Read more
ADLA Discussion on Early Stage Resolution
ADLA Conference 2023 - Early Stage Resolution Panel Discussion Often, people don’t approach a defence lawyer until they have been Read more
Child Within the Current Age of Criminal Responsibility
Raising the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility Across Australia, children as young as 10 can be held criminally responsible for Read more
Writing Character References for Court
Character References – Their Role in Court Questions have arisen in relation to the rules around the use of character Read more
Firearm on a Private Security Person
Firearm and Private Security Licensing Regimes – Police Discretion and Its Limits Within the firearm and private security licensing regimes Read more
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