Doogue + George Criminal Law Articles

Spent Conviction
Spent Convictions - Finally Here The Victorian parliament recently passed the Spent Convictions Bill 2021 (Vic) (‘the Spent Convictions Bill’). Read more
Parole - How Does It Work? Parole is a word that conjures up visions of freedom, hope for others and Read more
Police Investigation
Importance of Not Thinking That a Police Investigation is a Search for the Truth The conduct of Victoria Police is Read more
Not Every Allegation is True – Wrongful Convictions “Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”1 - Read more
Prisoners' Rights and Public Perception Liberty is one of the most basic of human rights, yet this is the first Read more
Police and Woman
Can You Stop Criminal Charges Before They Happen? “If I’m charged, I’ll lose everything.” Is there a clause in your Read more
How Sentencing Actually Works Versus How the Public Think Judges Get It Wrong Generally, the police or the Director of Read more
Citizen's Arrest
Citizen's Arrest: What is It? When is It Applicable? A citizen’s arrest can be made when a member of the Read more
Consent in Sex Matters What is consent in a Sexual Assault case? The definition is surprisingly complex. If a person Read more
Jury Displaying Reasonable Doubt
Beyond Reasonable Doubt and the Rush to Judgement In the past when our community was less secular and strong Christian Read more