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Lady Justice
Spent Convictions – 10 Frequently Asked Questions Do you have an old conviction that is holding you back from a Read more
Honest and Reasonable Mistake of Belief
Defence of Honest and Reasonable Mistake of Fact: What is it and When Does it Apply? When is the defence Read more
factual dispute law
Factual Dispute If you are charged with an offence, the police need to prove each element of that charge for Read more
Assault and Affray No doubt you would have seen in the news recently that people protesting against COVID-19-related restrictions have Read more
Claim of Right
Claim of Right The courts are full of cases where someone is said to have taken another’s property or money. Read more
Statutory Time Limit
Charges That are Statute Barred An important deadline for police to meet, and for people charged to look out for, Read more
Novak Djokovic
The article It's Not About Novak, It's About Us is written by Isabelle Skaburskis1, Senior Associate, Doogue + George Defence Read more
Victim of Stealthing Who Gave No Affirmative Consent
Stealthing and Affirmative Consent Amendments will be introduced in Victoria in 2022 that make ‘stealthing’ explicitly a crime and introduce Read more
Getting Charges Withdrawn in the Magistrates’ Court Having charges dropped doesn’t just happen in the movies. There are several ways Read more
Sentencing Indication
Sentence Indication in the Magistrates' Court – What are They and How are They Used? A person accused of a Read more