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Doogue + George Criminal Law Articles

It has often been a submission in the County Court that if a person under 16 consented to a sexual

Text messages are becoming increasingly important in criminal trials. What a text message can show. Text messages can establish that

Investigations conducted by the Office of Chief Examiner (‘OCE’) are intended to obtain evidence for use in prosecutions for organised

News Time Our last DOB News update was way back in March and so much has happened since then. Let’s

Dealing with sex offences is a complex task, but one that defence lawyers regularly face. As defence lawyers, we have

The thing about working in the justice system is the amount of injustice we also see. Law reform is an

Australian Securities and Investments Commission investigations can lead to criminal prosecution and often imprisonment. Who is at risk? ASIC will

The Sexual Assault Reform Strategy report for the Department of Justice reflects that there has been a failure to grapple

What happens to a firearm after it has been seized by police? If it has not been taken as a

A very useful section to bear in mind in the Magistrates Court. If you can find no other specific section