Bellfield Criminal Lawyer

Are you looking for a Bellfield criminal lawyer? Bellfield criminal cases will generally be heard at the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court.

If you have a case being heard at Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court, it would be wise to consult with the Bellfield Criminal lawyer nearest to this Court. Doogue + George Criminal Defence Lawyers is the ONLY criminal law firm with an office in Heidelberg – and is less than 250 metres away from the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court. This makes us the firm that most frequently has a criminal defence lawyer in this Court on any given day.

It takes only about 7 minutes to reach our Heidelberg office from Bellfield.

Bellfield Criminal Lawyer Heidelberg Office

1st Floor, 94 Burgundy St Heidelberg VIC 3084

Phone: (03) 9458 3700
Fax: (03) 9458 3755

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