Bail Support Services

If you are applying for bail, there are bail support services available. 

These bail support services may assist you in securing bail and addressing the underlying causes of your offending.

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Court Integrated Services Program (C.I.S.P.)

The Court Integrated Services Program (commonly referred to as C.I.S.P) is a service which supports you with a drug and/or alcohol addiction. C.I.S.P links you to drug and alcohol treatment, accommodation, disability services and mental health services as required.[1]

The primary benefit of C.I.S.P is that it assists you in addressing the root of your offending by providing priority access to treatment and community support with the aim of reducing re-offending.

A case manager is assigned to you to assess your progress on the program. You may also be subject to judicial monitoring, which is where you attend Court on a regular basis (normally monthly) before the same Magistrate so that your progress can monitored.[2] The benefit of this is that Magistrates normally reward hard work and it allows you to develop a rapport with the Magistrate.

How Do You Get Onto C.I.S.P?

To get onto C.I.S.P, you must seek leave (ask for permission) from the Court to be assessed by the C.I.S.P team. We can assist you with this by appearing for you at Court and explaining to the Magistrate how C.I.S.P will assist you to satisfy them to allow you to be assessed by C.I.S.P. If the Magistrate grants you leave (gives you permission) to be assessed by C.I.S.P, a C.I.S.P referral from will be completed and submitted with the C.I.S.P team and your suitability will be assessed by a C.I.S.P worker.[3]

If you are assessed as suitable, the C.I.S.P worker will prepare a report that we will tender to the Magistrate at your bail application, who will ultimately decide if you are eligible to participate in the program.[4]

Who Is Eligible For C.I.S.P?

The following is the general eligibility criteria you must satisfy to be considered to participate in C.I.S.P:
  • You must be charged with an offence;
  • There is a likelihood of further offending;
  • You will benefit from C.I.S.P because it will reduce your likelihood of re-offending;
  • You have a drug or alcohol addiction;
  • You suffer from a physical disability or mental health issue.[5]

Youth Justice Supervised Bail

If you are a young person (up to 21 years old) and have been charged by the Police with criminal offences, you may be eligible for Youth Justice Supervised Bail (‘Supervised Bail’). Supervised Bail will assist you in linking in with support services such as counselling services and day programs.

How do you get onto Youth Justice Supervised Bail?

Before your bail application is listed, we can contact Youth Justice and ask them to assess you for Supervised Bail. The Youth Justice worker will consider if you need any of the following:

  • Day programs;
  • Community support;
  • Mental health counselling/support;
  • Alcohol and drug addictions;
  • Recreational services such as a gym or sporting club; [6]

The Youth Justice worker will prepare a report, which we will tender to the Magistrate assessing your bail application.


Rehabilitation Clinics

You may benefit from attending a private residential rehabilitation clinic if you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction. We can assist you by referring you to an appropriate and reputable rehabilitation clinic which meets your needs.

Please note that some clinics have long waiting lists.

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