International Client Management (ADLA Seminar) – Presented by Mr WangZhang Chew, Bell Legal Group

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Gabrielle RedmondThe article International Client Management (ADLA Seminar) – Presented by Mr WangZhang Chew, Bell Legal Group is written by Gabrielle Redmond, Lawyer, Doogue + George Defence Lawyers.

Gabrielle Redmond was admitted to Australian legal practice in 2019 and passed the New York bar exam in February 2020. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Music from the Queensland University of Technology.

Prior to joining Doogue + George, Gabrielle worked as a legal assistant and, subsequently, a lawyer at Furstenberg Law where she assisted with criminal and confiscation matters. She also started her Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne in 2021.

Chinese TextsThe Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance (ADLA) is a legal collective that features members from every state and territory in Australia. The role of ADLA is to provide Australians with access to information about all aspects of criminal law by providing resources to the public and creating a collective of the best criminal defence lawyers Australia-wide.

Each year ADLA hosts a conference with representatives from criminal law backgrounds with the objective being to provide legal education, encourage best practice and delve into complex legal questions.

Attendees at the 2022 ADLA conference had the pleasure of hearing from Mr WangZhang Chew, a partner at Bell Legal Group and a specialist in international client management.

Mr Chew presented on the topic of international client management with a focus on Chinese clients.

ADLA practitioners have a shared goal – to create the best possible client experience by cultivating experienced and culturally-conscious lawyers. With that in mind, Mr Chew’s presentation was highly relevant to our lawyers.

The Social Context of the International Client

Mr Chew noted the importance of the international client’s social context. Where are you from? What is your background? What are your priorities? We understand that your social context is unique, and it means that your lawyer should tailor an experience to suit your needs.

Mr Chew explained that, understandably, all clients want the best outcome. For Chinese clients, that means understanding their lawyer at a personal level before progressing to a professional level too quickly. We understand that means that finding a lawyer that you trust is vital to your faith in the legal process. We know that building trust is a priority for you and if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Understanding a Different Legal System

Mr Chew explained some of the differences in the Chinese and Australian justice systems. By way of comparison, the Australian judicial process can be much slower than the Chinese process. This can be difficult to grapple with when, naturally, you want your matter to be finished as soon as possible. It is our priority to provide you with a realistic timeline of your matter. Establishing that timeline early on can manage expectations and avoid disappointment, especially when faced with delays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Language Barriers

A key issue for international clients is translation. The law is nuanced and understanding the process can be difficult if you do not speak a language fluently. Mr Chew highlighted the importance of working with accredited translators, especially when your lawyer is taking your detailed instructions. At Doogue + George, we work with accredited translators to ensure no detail in your matter is missed.

Doogue + George would like to thank Mr Chew for his insightful presentation. ADLA law firms are well equipped to deal with your legal enquiry, and we invite international clients to contact our office to book an appointment.

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