CCH Legal Technology Award

Doogue + George was awarded the technology award sponsored by Blake Dawson Waldron, the College of Law and Legal Aid QLD and South Australia.

We have always valued legal technology as a way of providing a better service for our clients. If you take away the focus on processing a case and doing paperwork it leaves significantly more time for the important issues:

  • How do help do you need?
  • What is the best result you can get?

Their database Crimebase is an easy to use specialised desktop application for criminal lawyers – a precedent based relational database geared to a criminal law practise.

It enables a practitioner to have easy access to client data challenges such as all Court results of their clients (through client, result, Judge etc) and integrates all other normal functionality (invoicing, Court documents etc). It also enables us to look at issues of file health through the use of data.

Crimebase was designed and programmed by Bill Doogue.

We have designed other databases specifically for cases we are involved in and are designing a major trial database to incorporate all the best features of how to run a document intensive jury trial.