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Sometimes the media profile of a firm is an important consideration for clients.

  • Will my matter be reported by the Press?
  • Can we avoid any publicity?
  • How often are cases like mine reported?
  • How should I respond if we know the matter will be reported?
  • Does your firm have experience with the media and a media profile

Our criminal defence lawyers have dealt with a lot of high profile media cases for example the big terrorism trials, various murders and many sexual offending trials. The best media profile is not one that is pursued.

We can answer all your questions about the media and your case.

The reason is that in a few years time we do not want someone putting our clients name into Google and coming up with an entry on our website. That may help us but it certainly does not help our clients to move on with their lives.

You can assess the type of work that we do by a search on the website AustLII.

Below are just a couple of search links. Enter “Doogue” into the search terms to find some cases we have done.

Search Victorian Court of Appeal cases

Search Supreme Court cases

We have been involved in a lot of suppression order cases and can give expert advice in relation to that issue. If you want an accredited criminal lawyer in Melbourne, we are your top choice. We have 9 accredited criminal law specialists and we are the private criminal law firm with the most accredited criminal lawyers in the state.