Working at a law firm

Thank you for your application for working at a law firm.  A member of the Doogue + George team will contact you if a position arises that would suit the details you have forwarded us.

If you came in directly to this page our careers pages is where you can find out information about lodging an application

Working at a law firm is a very rewarding and interesting job. If you do not get a job working at a law firm then keep on trying.

It is particularly hard to find criminal law positions at present but keep trying. Something will turn up. Doing voluntary work at a Community Legal Service or some similar organization is often a good first step towards working at a law firm.

You can also contact the Law Institute of Victoria and ask for a list of law firms from them. Often firms only make a decision that they need someone at the last minute so getting your CV in front of lots of them will increase your chances.

Good luck.