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  • 受到吸毒影响下的驾驶Drive While Impaired By Drugs
  • 受到酒精或者任何毒品影响下的驾驶(DUI) Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor or of Any Drug (DUI) Driving While
  • 超过指定酒精浓度情况下的驾驶(Section 49.1.b)
  • 超过指定酒精浓度情况下的驾驶(Section 49.1.b)Exceeding the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (Section 49.1.b)
  • 超过指定酒精浓度情况下的驾驶(Section 49.1.F) 超过PCA***Driving While Exceeding the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (Section 49.1.F) Exceed PCA
  • 超过指定含量的毒品浓度Exceed Prescribed Concentration of Drugs
  • 超过指定含量的毒品浓度(吸毒驾驶)Exceed Prescribed Concentration of Drugs (Drug Driving)
  • 拒绝吹气检测Refuse Breath Test
  • 拒绝毒品检测(吸毒驾驶)Refuse Drug Test (Drug Driving)
  • 拒绝血检或尿检(酒驾)Refuse to Give Blood or Urine Sample (Drink Driving)
  • 拒绝进一步的检验(酒驾)Refuse to Provide Further Sample (Drink Driving)
  • 拒绝口腔液体检测(吸毒驾驶)Refuse to Provide Oral Fluid (Drug Driving)

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