Contravene Family Counselling Order无故缺席家庭禁止令教育课程

This is a family violence offence related charge and comes from section 130 of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008. 这是跟家庭暴力违法相关的起诉,法律条款是2008年家庭暴力保护法案第130条。

It only has a financial penalty as a consequence and the maximum fine is around $1000. 该起诉最高的处罚是罚款,最高额度是大约$1000。

The reason you would be charged for this is that if you were ordered to go to counselling because of family violence and failed to do so. 常见原因是法院判处当事人接受该强制课程,但是当事人无故缺席。

Some defences to this charge could be that you have a reasonable excuse for not attending or because you were never properly notified of the date. 常见的辩护理由是当事人的确有正当解释无法出席,或者当事人并没有收到通知。