Melbourne’s Criminal Law Specialists Get The Best Results

When you need someone to make a stand for you, call Doogue O’Brien George.

At Doogue O’Brien George Criminal Defence Solicitors, we help our clients through clear communication and a thorough knowledge of the practise of defending criminal law cases.

We specialise in all criminal law cases which covers many areas from traffic offences, drink driving, sexual offences, drugs law, assault and violence offences, and other criminal charges. We act for clients who are pleading not guilty and clients who are pleading guilty.

We also appear at Royal Commissions, Inquests and act in many White Collar criminal cases such as insider trading, large fraud allegations, and are currently involved in cases alleging bribery of foreign officials.

We have five offices in Melbourne’s busiest Court precincts. Among the 16 criminal defence lawyers at our firm, eight are Law Institute Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyers. These lawyers have at least 5 years experience in criminal law (some have decades) and have undergone specialist exams.

This means we can guarantee you an expert criminal lawyer to run your case. We will handle your case with determination and fight for your rights.